Why FaktorZ?

Reduce Costs

Lower development expenses by 35% and decrease infrastructure costs by 38%. By using our simple pricing model, you only pay for what you need instead of spending too much on complicated infrastructure with expensive servers.

Speed to Market

Develop your applications three times faster than if you otherwise had to manage your own infrastructure. We are fully equipped to help you in a fully managed runtime environment: configuration, testing, monitoring, security, and more.

Improved Customer Experience

Keep your applications running smoothly, ensuring happy customers and repeat business. Monitor your network, data transfer, memory and CPU usage. If anything goes wrong with your updates, we’ll automatically roll them back.

Increased Productivity

Eliminate time spent on maintaining complex infrastructure. Focus your team toward developing applications. Our Kubernetes and GitHub integrations make building, iterating, staging, and deploying applications fast, easy, and efficient.


No more brittle and monolithic solutions. Using the most up-to-date technology, our platform is quite reliable and secure. Yet it allows you to remain agile and flexible by automatically scaling on demand based on your resource usage.