Migrate to the AWS Cloud

Using industry best practices, we assess your environment and create a tailored strategy with the tools and processes that match your business and technology goals. Then we migrate and validate each application. Finally, we monitor and optimize your environment for increased efficiency.

Refactor Applications

Once you’ve moved to the cloud, it’s time to leverage that advantage. FaktorZ transforms your applications into cloud-native containers and microservices for far more reliable, secure, and scalable development. During this transformation, our team provides specific guidance on the culture and processes needed to implement this cloud-native environment. Once you’re well on your way, FaktorZ provides tailored tools and training on Docker, Kubernetes, and our fully- monitored DevOps platform so you keep moving in the right direction.

Managed Platform-as-a-Service



Develop your applications quickly and easily. From IoT to large scale applications and everything in between, our state-of-the-art Cloud Native Platform makes your development team agile, and your applications scalable and portable. Rather than spending time managing complicated server configurations, with FaktorZ you free up time to concentrate on your business.