DevOps Consulting Services and Solutions
AWS Experts
Navigating the cloud and AWS for your enterprise

FaktorZ’s team of DevOps and AWS experts shorten time to market, create workflows that scale, and customize an agile infrastructure for your enterprise. Our team guides you to a solution that’s scalable and secure, and requires fewer resources. Your team gets to concentrate on your development - not managing tools and deployment issues.

What Makes Us Different

DevOps and AWS Experts

Our AWS experts simplify your journey in the cloud, giving you the tools and processes that connect IT to your business needs.

Docker and Kubernetes

Accelerate your application development with our consulting service and tools. The combination of our expertise and cloud-native tools ensure that your CI/CD process is process is agile, scalable, and fast.

Managed Platform

Fully-managed DevOps Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) removes the burden of managing IT infrastructure and tool updates & fixes, allowing you to focus on building your product, not the plumbing.

Cloud Native Where It Matters

Other platforms let you deploy cloud native applications to prodution but ignore the development environment. FaktorZ is Cloud Native where it matters; EVERYWHERE.

Built on AWS

FaktorZ is built on AWS elastic compute so you can automate development and testing at scale. With FaktorZ and AWS for DevOps, you can focus on rapidly and reliably delivering new features and services.

You Are In Control

FaktorZ is 100% Cloud Native. You are not locked in to expensive infrastructure or locked out of a specific technology or stack.